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Postpartum Counseling

The postpartum is an intimate and overwhelming time full of transitions, joys, and challenges of all kinds. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, feel overwhelmed by the sudden changes in your life, or notice that sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty are getting the better of you, please reach out for support. Help is available and it does get better.

Tender Transitions
The postpartum is a tender and vulnerable time for most women. As you’re getting to know and fall in love with your new baby, you’re also recovering from the birth experience, coping with hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation, and figuring out breastfeeding and newborn care. That’s a lot to adjust to all at once, and about 80% of women end up having some degree of “baby blues,” which is characterized by feeling tearful, overwhelmed, fragile, disappointed, or anxious. It’s a normal part of the transition to motherhood, but that doesn’t make it any less tender. Having adequate emotional and psychological support during this transitional time can make a significant difference in a woman’s postpartum experience.

Breastfeeding Challenges
Breastfeeding can have a steep learning curve for both moms and babies, and it’s common for challenges to occur along the way. Since breastfeeding is one way new moms build confidence in their mothering abilities, complications or obstacles to nursing can understandably cause a great deal of anxiety, grief, and despair. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding and want support that doesn’t overwhelm you with more opinions and advice, then I’m here to help.

Anxiety & Depression
Even though people don’t often talk about it, nearly 1 in 4 women experience some form of significant anxiety and/or depression during the postpartum. If you’re suffering from feelings of depression or anxiety after the birth of your baby, please know that you’re not alone, it’s not your fault, and it will get better. Counseling and other forms of treatment really do help, so please reach out and get the support you need to start feeling like yourself again.

Intrusive Thoughts
Intrusive thoughts are disturbing and unwanted thoughts or images that usually involve some form of harm coming to you or your baby. Most women are deeply distressed by such thoughts but nearly 90% of new mothers experience them to some degree, which basically means they’re a normal part of the postpartum. If you’re struggling with the fear, guilt, and anxiety that often accompanies intrusive thoughts, counseling can offer relief.

Phone & Skype Sessions
Making it to an office appointment during the postpartum can sometimes seem as challenging as hiking to the summit of Mt. Everest! If you’re looking for support but can’t make it to the office for physical or logistical reasons, we can easily set up an appointment via phone or skype.