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Birth Story Processing

Birth is a powerful experience that deserves processing and recognition, and the birth story is an important narrative in the lives of women and families. If you’re looking for a safe place to explore the events surrounding your labor, or if you’re pregnant again and think you might benefit from processing your previous birth experience, I’m here to listen and help.

Your Birth Story
Humans are meaning-making creatures deeply rooted in our narratives. Whether you realize it or not, your birth experience is eventually shaped into “your birth story,” and that story holds power. While the timeline and factual events comprise the basic structure of your birth story, there is also a whole world of nuanced emotion, intuition, and inner experience that can be explored as a way of identifying a richer and more complete narrative. If you’re interested in discovering a more empowered narrative hiding in your birth story, come and see me.

Birth is unpredictable and it doesn’t always go as planned or hoped for. If you’re feeling disappointed in your birth experience, let down by your care providers or support person, or second-guessing difficult decisions made in the midst of a challenging labor, counseling sessions can help you sort through what happened, process difficult memories and emotions, and work towards healing.

Traumatic Birth
Trauma is a subjective experience so if you feel traumatized by your birth, then you were. Trauma can be caused by events big or small that overwhelmed you and made you feel frightened, helpless, or out of control. If you’re feeling raw and disconnected, can’t stop thinking about particular parts of the birth, struggle with intrusive memories or nightmares, or avoid things that remind you of the birth, then you may benefit from counseling sessions specifically designed to help you process and heal from a traumatic birth.

VBAC Preparation
Many women are able to put their difficult or disappointing birth story on the back burner while they attend to the demands of childrearing, and it’s not until they become pregnant again that their previous birth begins to resurface and want some attention. If you’re pregnant with your second or third child and hope to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, counseling sessions can provide a space where you can process your previous birth experience, explore your hopes for the next birth, work with lingering doubts or fears, and encourage feelings of empowerment regardless of how your next baby is born.