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Counseling Style

I believe that behind every problem or challenge, something important and valuable is waiting to be discovered. This discovery can offer insights, personal power, and creative solutions that make life more sustainable, meaningful, and engaging. When life’s experiences are unfolded with curiosity, awareness, and respect, they reveal valuable insights and creative solutions that make life more meaningful and engaging. As a result, I strive to create a nonjudgmental atmosphere focused on attentive listening, thought provoking discussions, and experiential techniques designed to help deepen experience and draw out potential solutions. My counseling style is tailored to your particular needs, situation, personality, and comfort level. I focus on valuing people’s changing identities, exploring their diverse inner experiences, approaching familiar problems in new ways, offering practical tools for sustainable solutions, and honoring the symbolic and mythic. This multifaceted, forward-looking approach combines the principles of  individual, couples, and family counseling with the theoretical foundations of Mindell’s Process-Oriented Psychology, O’Hanlon’s Possibility Therapy, and Jung’s Analytical Psychology. I also enjoy working with nighttime dreams.

Coaching Style
While counseling is focused more on processing and exploration, coaching is focused more on offering practical guidance and informational support, identifying your options and goals, and getting you on track towards decision-making and sustainable solutions. If you’re seeking informational support or practical guidance to help you navigate the sometimes confusing and conflicting path of the childbearing year, then coaching sessions might be a good fit for you. These sessions are for individuals or couples, and they’re designed to help you identify your goals, evaluate your options, provide specialized information and resources, and get you on track towards decision-making and sustainable solutions that can be readily applied to the childbearing year.